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Heather Havenwood, aka Chief SEXY BOSS™ a serial entrepreneur, marketing advisor, author of many books including Sexy Boss™ - How to beat the Big Boys in business - explains the Art of Winning, and how it has become lost in our current society. Heather grew an online business to over a million in 2005 in one year - then quickly lost it and went bankrupt. On her journey from Bankruptcy to Sexy Boss™ Entrepreneur she learned the lessons on how to build a real businesses online, with real money and real work. Being a Winner. Once an individual makes a decision to be a business owner, solo entrepreneur, or to be a leader in their company or community - it is in that moment that they must learn how to WIN. How to play the game. How to get hit. A person will either sit in the stands, be a coach on the sidelines, or be a real player getting hit and winning on the field. Heather is a leader by the fact that she is willing to fail and succeed publicly. From Bankruptcy to Sexy Boss™ learn from Heather’s mistakes and wins. She has been known for her million dollar rolodex and leading from behind the curtain - she now comes out from behind the shadows to share her friendships, success and her every day real challenges in marketing, money and mindset. For free three audiobook chapters of Heather’s book Sexy Boss™ text “SEXY” to 72000 (USA only).
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Jan 2, 2017

RAWHH07: Creating a New 2017

Welcome to 2017 Winners!
Today I share how I ‘complete’ a year in the past so that you can create a new 2017, without bringing in the BS of the last year.

It is a time to look back, ask your self questions to give your self the opportunity to let go and complete whatever happened in 2016.
I go through a few of the questions that come from a blog post that I am sharing from.

Here are the links I promised in the show.

Source is Kym Dolcimascolo.

Take this time Winners to let go of the past and create a new 2017!

Heather Havenwood

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